Cross-country skier player Yuichi Onda also found an article on Ameba that also made a festival!


I seemed to have gone while I was injured, but I seem to have challenged myself “to make a painful week more painful”.


I think from the public of us, “I do not have to bruise myself so much anything”, but there are athletes there! It is a place like that.


Mr. Onda seems to have tried the 3 day festival for health, but the first day and the second day seems to be very painful.


Even though I was injured and still unable to move, I had to move my body like everyday, supplementing the necessary energy with meals, so Tsurai surely should have been one time more than everyday.


Still, he seems to have worked hard as “for evolution”, and it seems that he is looking forward to starting a restoration meal of porridge.


I can do my best so far, athletes, because I can keep going so far, I am called the leading expert in cross country skiing in Japan.